Our Practice

Practice Areas


  • Criminal and Quasi Criminal Litigation
    • drinking and driving related offences
    • drug offences
    • assault
    • fraud
    • sexual assault
    • bail hearings
    • regulatory offences
    • traffic offences
  • Civil Litigation - Generally
    • corporate commercial disputes
    • defamation 
    • harassment 
    • sexual assault
    • small claims court matters
  • Personal Injury 
    • motor vehicle accidents
    • slip and falls
    • traumatic brain injuries
    • accident benefits 
    • disability benefits 
  • Family Law
    • divorce
    • child custody 
    • spousal and child support
    • separation agreements
  • Civil / Criminal Appeals and Judicial Review
    • Superior Court of Justice
    • Ontario Court of Appeal
    • Supreme Court of Canada

Our Approach


At Pazuki Law Group, we specialize in bringing the law to your corner. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them.

At Pazuki Law Group we are client focused and result driven.  At the same time we strive to achieve our client's goals while keeping in mind the costs of litigation.  

We believe that preparation is key and we strive to prepare our client's throughout the legal process.  We spend a great deal of time with our clients throughout the process from the initial interview to the trial preparation to make every effort that our client is ready and knowledgable about the next step in the legal process.

One important factor to consider is that every client is different and often that results in different approaches being taken for each of their matters, so we at Pazuki Law Group provide a customized approach to each client and their legal matter.  We strive to make sure that our theory of the case fits the result we are hoping to achieve.

A Team in Your Corner


Our team members work closely to provide our clients with not only our best but also we strive to communicate with our clients at every step of the process.  We consider our clients a key member of our team.

Legacy of Success


Our Law Firm has been working together for 14 years and has a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need. Check out our success stories, and then schedule your free phone consultation today.

Our Team


Our lawyers are always professional and ready to assist you.

Ali Pazuki


Ali is the principle lawyer at Pazuki Law Group.  He has been practicing law since 2005.   Ali received his LLB from the University of Windsor Law School where he was the recipient of numerous academic awards achieving the highest grades in Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Judicial Review.  Ali was the recipient of the Harold G. Fox Bursary which was awarded to the top 3 students.

After graduating law school Ali articled for a prestigious and well recognized Criminal Defence Firm in Toronto.

Ali has successfully represented hundreds of clients.  He has conducted over 100 trials and has dozens of reported decisions.

Ali is a member of the The Law Society of Ontario, The Simcoe County Law Association, The York Region Law Association, The Ontario Trial Lawyer's Association. and The Advocates Society.

Ali is family oriented and has 5 beautiful children.  He enjoys spending time with his family and working out.  He is also an avid antique, pet and vehicle collector and motorcycle enthusiast.

Direct Line - 905 508-4878 ext. 1

Email - pazuki@pazukilaw.com

Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma is a lawyer at Pazuki Law Group who has resolved complex personal injury claims, acqui

Vishal Sharma is a lawyer at Pazuki Law Group.  Vishal has resolved complex personal injury claims, acquiring millions of dollars in financial compensation for victims he has advocated for. 

Vishal received his LLB in 2011 from the University of Leicester, where he was an active member of the University of Leicester Law Society as well as the Canadian Law Society. Prior to obtaining his LLB, Vishal attended York University where he received a Bachelor of Science specializing in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Today, that undergraduate degree gives him a unique edge in evaluating and understanding the long-term impacts of his clients’ personal injury claims.

Since being called to the Ontario Bar in 2014, Vishal has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Justice, License Appeal Tribunal, Social Security Tribunal (CPP Appeals) and Social Benefits Tribunal (ODSP Appeals). 

Vishal enjoys playing soccer and going to the gym.  He is a big fan of the English Premier League and follows it religiously. 

Direct Line - 905 508-4878 ext. 2

Email - vsharma@pazukilaw.com


Timothy J. Cobb

Tim is a valued law clerk at Pazuki Law Group.  Tim is a licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario.  He has many years of litigation experience which provides him great insight into legal issues.  

Tim is an avid reader of legal texts and legal theory.  His passion for the law is not only apparent in his approach to dealing with matters but equally apparent through his dedication to his work.

Direct Line - 905 508-4878 ext. 3

Email - tim@pazukilaw.com


Natasha Maclean

Natasha Maclean completed her LLB at the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2009 and after completing her articles of clerkship she was admitted as an Attorney in the North Gauteng High Court (Pretoria, South Africa) in 2011.
Natasha continued to practice as a lawyer in South Africa until 2018 predominantly in the fields of insurance-, family- and criminal law and she is currently working towards completing her licensing in Ontario.

Direct Line - 905 508-4878 ext 4.

Email - natasha@pazukilaw.com


Ellen S. Pazuki

Ellen is the office manager at Pazuki Law Group.  She holds an undergraduate degree from York University.  She holds a masters degree in Teaching.   She is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.  Ellen is currently completing her LLB degree at the University of London.

Prior to being a member of Pazuki Law Group she managed several child care centres in the Greater Toronto area. 

Ellen is passionate about her job and is dedicated to excellence.

Email - ellen@pazukilaw.com