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The City of Barrie is located in Central Ontario and is one of the largest cities north of the GTA. It is a lively city with many fun and interesting things to do. It is a busy year round destination for both locals and visitors to the area. As such it experiences a variety of different problems. While the crime rate is relatively low compared to the nearest large cities, the City of Barrie does experience many of the same criminal problems as its neighbouring jurisdictions.

The City of Barrie has its own police force and the main Courthouse for Simcoe County is located inside the City of Barrie at 75 Mulcaster Street. The central Courthouse deals with criminal matters both in the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior of Court of Justice. Pazuki Law Group has an office located in Barrie and its lawyers often appear for both criminal and civil matters at the Barrie Courthouse.

Barrie Criminal Lawyers at Pazuki Law Group are members of the Simcoe County Law Association. Its lawyers have a great deal of experience in handling both criminal and civil matters in Barrie.

The Barrie Criminal Lawyers and Barrie Drinking and Driving Lawyers at Pazuki Law Group often appear before the judges at the Barrie Courthouse. We have successfully defended hundreds of clients who have been charged with various criminal offences including Impaired Driving, Refuse Breath Sample, Dangerous Driving and 80 Over Operation of a Conveyance.

Our Barrie Criminal Lawyers have conducted many trials, and have a great deal of experience in defending drinking and driving charges. Our Barrie Drinking and Driving Lawyers will help you throughout this difficult time.
Please contact one of our experienced Barrie Criminal Defence Lawyers and Barrie Civil Litigation Lawyers to assist you with your legal problems at the Barrie Courthouse.


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